Praktische tips voor bij het waxen.

In this section you’ll find practical and handy tips that will help you a very relaxed waxing session. Please, do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions.

  1. Talk to the professional. Ask all questions you may have and let them know if you are over sensitive or have any allergies. Your treatment will a lot more relaxed.
  2. Take a nice warm shower before your session. Your pore will be more open, making it easier to wax.
  3. 2 millimetre is already long enough to have your waxing treatment.
  4. Don’t take a sauna until two days after your waxing treatment. Your pore are still open and need to get back to normal.
  5. Let your skin take a rest.
  6. Have a scrub session a few days before the waxing treatment. Your skin will still be recovering from it one or two days before waxing.
  7. Never wear body lotions or greasy creams before the waxing session or the wax won’t stick properly. Discuss this with the waxing professional.
  8. Take an aspirin a while before the treatment if you are feeling restless if it’s your first time. You will notice that it’s much easier than you think.